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Image Magnification for Concerts

Image Magnification or IMAG is using closeups from video cameras displayed on large format projectors, plasma walls or LED screens to allow an audience to see larger than lifesize images of people on stage.
A typical outdoor rock concert setup is a LED screen either side of the stage outside the speaker stacks and 3 or 4 cameras.
An indoor concert is more likely to use high powered projectors as they are considerably cheaper to hire than LED screens
Typical camera positions are 1 or 2 cameras located near the sound desk on risers with long telephoto lenses, 1 or 2 cameras between the punter barrier and the stage and 1 or 2 cameras handheld on stage.

Recent Concerts

Roger Waters "Dark Side Of The Moon" Tour
- Jade Stadium Christchurch, 27 Jan 07,
- North Harbour Stadium Auckland, 29 Jan 07

4 x Sony DSR-570WSP cameras
1 x Canon 50x9.5 box lens FOH
1 x Canon 55x9 box lens FOH (supplied by TDC Australia)
1 x Fujinon 20x8.6BERM lens in pit
1 x Canon 12x6.5 wide angle on handheld on stage
1 x Sony EVI-D31 remote pan/tilt camera on stage

Projectors and Screens provided by Multi-Media Systems
LED screen provided by Oceania Super Screens

This image shows the viewfinder on one of our front of house cameras
located approximately 70m from the stage with the stage in the background
during the Auckland Concert
The close-up of Roger Waters in the viewfinder is of the person you can see in the centre of the stage under the image of the moon
It gives you some idea of the magnification capabilities of the lens
Click on the image for a larger view
This was taken from the Front Of House camera tower just before the start of the Auckland Concert
The tent roof in the foreground is the FOH mix position
The projection screens can be seen on either side of the stage
This photo was taken from the crew room at Jade Stadium in Christchurch during the pack-in
The OB Van is the white van in the centre of the picture dwarfed by the stage
Another shot of the OB van taken during the Christchurch pack-in
The blue tarpaulin covered tower behind the van is one of the projection towers