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The very first show that we recorded in our OB Van after we installed our Camplex camera chains was a performance by Fiona Pears and her band at the Harbourlight Restaurant in Lyttleton, New Zealand
In those days our cameras were only 4:3 with no CCU control and the 3 camera composite mix was recorded to DVCam tape
The lighting was only the Harbourlights Par 38s
The audio was multi-tracked and a 4th camera recorded the show in 16:9 from the sound desk.
The tape was given to Fiona's producer Ian Tilley, who took the tapes back to the UK, re-rendered our footage into 16:9, cut it with the footage from the 4th locked of camera and mixed down the 24 track audio
The footage was released as part of Fiona's first DVD, "Fiona Pears in Concert"
It can be purchased from

Performers & Crewlist

Our second DVD for Fiona was a much more ambitious project

The Venue was Christchurch Cathedral and part of the profits from the concert were going to the Cathedral and Fiona's charity Cholmondeley Children's Home
The performance was scheduled for 7:30pm on a Sunday Night so there were 2 normal Sunday services to work around
We spent Friday and Saturday nights lighting the Cathedral after it closed to the public with lighting equipment donated by Christchurch Boys' High School, Christs College and NASDA

On Sunday we packed in after the 10am Morning Service to be ready for a 2pm sound check
Our rig was 4 x Sony DSR-570WSP cameras and 2 x Sony DX10 handycams One camera was positioned at the back of the cathedral with a 50x9.5 box lens
A second was 1/3 of the way back with a standard lens
The 3rd was on a dolly between the Audience and the Stage and the fourth was handheld
The DX10s were locked off on the keyboard and the drums

Bob Bickerton of Bob Bickerton Celtic Music provided all the sound gear and made a 24 track recording of the performance

All cameras were Iso recorded in camera and a guide multi camera mix was recorded in the OB Van

Again all the footage was given to Ian, Fiona's Producer, who took them back to the UK, recut the footage and remixed the audio
The result is a stunning DVD which is available through Fiona's web-site