VITC >> OB Van

The Van  
Our Outside Broadcast Van is built in a 1989 Fiat Ducato Maxi Van.
It has a Turbo Charged 2.5 litre diesel engine giving it ample power to travel anywhere in the country.
The Van is only 5.4 metres long which means it can cross Cook Strait on either ferry service economically. (Commercial rates start at 6m)
It is setup for a crew of 3 or 4 comfortably but we can fit 5 if necessary.
The normal crew is: {with American terms in Italics where known}
  • Director/Switcher
  • Vision Control/Technician {Shader}
  • Sound
The 4th crew position could be any of the following
  • Graphics Operator
  • Tape Operator
  • Vision Switcher {Technical Director}(with a separate Director)
  • Directors Assistant (DA or TPA)
The Vision Mixer {Production Switcher}  
Our Outside Broadcast Van is equipped with a 8 channel Sony BVS3200CP vision mixer.
This operates very similar to a Grass Valley GVG-100 or GVG-110.
The mixer can be configured as either a Composite or Component Switcher. Currently we are setup as Composite.
The Mixer is capable of 2 simultaneous Title Keys and 1 Down Stream Key.
All 3 keys can be setup individually as
  • Linear Key
  • Chroma Key
  • External Alpha Key
Director's View  
Our Director's monitors consist of 8 x 9" Black and White monitors 4 above and 4 below 2 x Sony PVM-1554QM 800 line High Resolution Colour Monitors
Comms are based on a Technical Projects BP2 (Clearcom compatable) 2 channel pack.
The A channel is interfaced to the Camera Comms. The B channel is used either to talk to presenters (otherwise known as Voice of God) or to connect to in-house comms when filming a live production.
The Vision Mixers Tally Light system is interfaced to 10mm Red LEDs over each B&W monitor.
The photo to the right shows the Directors monitors with the Vision Mixer in the foreground, the Directors Mic and Clock to the left and the Comms speaker to the right of the Program monitor
Remote Control Panels (RCPs)  
Our Van is equipped with 4 x Sony RCP-D50 Remote Control Panels.
The RCPs give the Vision Operator control over almost all camera parameters leaving the Camera Operators free to compose the shot without worrying about exposure or matching other cameras.
The RCP-D50s give the operator push buttons and knobs for the most frequently required settings and a touch panel with 4 rotary encoders to access all other functions
The Sony SD card slot above and to the right of the joystick allows settings for 1 camera to be transferred to the others and common settings to be stored for later recall.
Camera Control Units (CCUs)  
3 of our 4 CCUs are Camplex 301B systems
They allow us to Multiplex all the signals between the cameras and the van on a single 1/2" thick coax.
All the signals available on a Multicore CCU are duplicated by the Camplex units including:
  • Return Video
  • Genlock
  • Comms
  • Tally
  • 12V power
  • RCP data
  • Audio from the camera (Microphone)and to the Camera (Presenter IEM)
We have successfully run cameras over 300m from the van on these units with camera power supplied by the OB Van
Theoretically they are capable of a greater distance if the cameras run off local power (battery or Power Supply)
Our 4th CCU is a Sony CCU-D50 with a 100m multicore camera cable.
We can add another 50m to this cable to take the camera to a maximum of 150m from the van
All the signals listed above with the Camplex units are also available on the Sony CCU
Waveform Monitor / Vector Scope  
Our Waveform / Vectorscope is a Hamlet Microscope 302WVA
The Hamlet superimposes a Waveform and Vectorscope onto the Vision Operators monitor.
This enables us to save the space and weight normally taken up by a traditional Waveform / vectorscope pair.
As the information is superimposed on the the same monitor as the picture the vision operator does not have to take their eyes off the picture they are monitoring.
Vision Operator's {Shader's} view  
The photo on the right shows the Vision Operator's area
Starting from the top it shows:
  • Camplex 301B CCUs x 3
  • Sony PVM-1454QM 14" Monitor with Hamlet to the right
  • Vision Operators routing switch
  • dbx 266xl compressor
  • Kramer Iso DA
  • Sony CCU-D50
  • Sony DSR-80 DVCAM VT machine
  • Sony RCP-D50s